65 years PWF

Prinses Wilhelmina Foundation 1949

Founded and driven by the Governor of the Netherlands Antilles and his wife for a group of only 1-5 needing/less wealthy cancer patients. Only a group of 3 specialists was aware of the cancer cases and this was passed through to the chairman in high discretion, to set up financial support for the patient. At that time, the work was only done by volunteers. Cancer was a major taboo on the island and the subject was not open for discussion, which lead to mortality cases without the family even knowing that the patient was suffering cancer. Cancer patients would go abroad to get treated.

Princess Wilhelmina Foundation 2013

Nowadays PWF is accessible for everyone who gets confronted with cancer or people who need information about the disease. To this date the PWF is not dependent on any kind of grant coming from government, nor foreign aid.

  • At the moment a board of local volunteers, and for the first time now the Governor as ‘protector’ act as honored chairman.
  • A total of around 1200 patients.
  • 7 medical advisors, each specialized in different types of cancer.
  • A total of around 200 permanent volunteers and some permanent sponsors.


  • Fundraising takes place through an annual fundraising in September by fundraisers who have been helping the PWF for years. Also, since 2004 ‘’Ride for the Roses’’ takes place in the beginning of every year. Everyone can join this sports event by choosing to cycle, swim or walk or sail and not to forget, become (more) aware of the disease cancer.
  • A great number of volunteers is being supported by professionals which is why nowadays there is a staff containing 13 members. This staff is necessary to guarantee the more and more demanding help that is needed, in particular psychosocial help for patients and family members and especially when children get to deal with cancer.