10 years Ride for the Roses

In 2014 the 10th edition of Ride for the Roses took place. Of course, the organization did not let this pass by unnoticed. In the theme of ‘10’ Randhy Cuecas challenged the Christoffelberg 10 times within 10 hours on the 10th of January and hereby collected a minimum of ANG 10.000,-.

Besides that, in honor of the decennial anniversary a creative contest had been brought to life to create awareness for cancer amongst the youth of Curacao.

Youth Awareness creative competition
As far as Ride for the Roses concerns, awareness should be existing among any age and therefore among children as well. Kids are the future and it is up to us to teach them and make them aware. It is such a beautiful thing to see many young participants contributing to our events throughout the years. Also a lot of students from the Radulphus College and the International School of Curacao are connected as volunteers to Ride for the Roses, which of course we are very thankful for.

In their anniversary year the foundation organized a competition to make children even more mindful on this subject. The competition was held for all students in elementary schools and high schools on Curacao. Elementary school children from the first till the eighth grade were invited to join a drawing competition. The subject of the drawing was the symbol of Ride for the Roses, namely the ‘’rose’’. The youth in high school was able to join through a writing contest. They wrote a text, poem or rap song with the starting sentence ‘’I am joining Ride for the Roses, because…’’. Many beautiful drawings and texts were produced. Therefor Ride for the Roses would like to thank all the contestants for their involvement and congratulates all winners on the prices they have won.

The Climb to the Roses
As being said, Randhy Cuevas conquered Fort Nassau 10 times in 10 hours on the 10th of January. And although he was meant to raise a minimum of ANG 10.000,-, he even raised an amount of ANG 30.000,- to hand over to the cancer foundation.

A special thanks from The Climb to the Roses 2014 : Orco Bank, Criss Cross Cycling Tours, Guardian Group, Koninklijke Marine, Christoffelpark, Rode Kruis, Dr. Jacobus, Centro Medico Aesculapius, Stichting Prinses Wilhelmina Fonds, Stichting Ride for the Roses Curaçao.