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Founded on November 16th in 1949, is a private organization, entirely depending on donations.

No matter how young or old, everyone on Curaçao who’s battling cancer may count on the unconditional love, support, and help of the Princess Wilhelmina Foundation.

PWF was founded in 1949 on behalf of Queen Wilhelmina and has been entirely dependent on donations ever since. This is the main reason why we, as Ride for the Roses, do what we do. We are determined to keep hosting our events as long as cancer continues to interfere in the lives of patients on the island.

The Princess Wilhelmina Foundation is making a difference by..
  • ..supporting the fight against cancer. This includes spreading knowledge about cancer (prevention) amongst the community.
  • ..offering psycho social assistance to patients and, if necessary, their close family members.
  • ..being a shoulder to lean on during the treatment for cancer healing.
  • ..contributing to other organizations with the same goals, knowing that more will be achieved by sharing knowledge as a team.
  • ..providing a safe and loving environment for cancer patients to process their treatment, connect with each other and to be able to recharge for a while.
The people behind the charity
  • The board of PWF consists of 13 voluntary members.
  • 17 volunteers are running the Recreation and Therapy department, engaging in daily activities for patients and survivors.
  • About 60 contributors commit themselves to annual fundraising.
  • Not to forget the volunteers who help prepare food packages, those who help spread awareness and PWF’s voluntary PR specialist.