About PWF

The Princess Wilhelmina Fund Foundation, founded on November 16, 1949, is a private organization, completely dependent on donations.

When the Princess Wilhelmina Foundation was established in 1949 their start-up capital came from fundraising for Queen Wilhelmina, who at the time decided that these funds were meant for a special fund to support less wealthy cancer patients on the island.

Nowadays the foundation is now accessible to all patients living on Curacao, suffering from cancer.

 Objectives of the Princess Wilhelmina foundation

• Help the fight against cancer, with one of the priorities being to teach people what "cancer prevention" entails.

• Psycho social assistance to patients and, if necessary, close family members.

• Support during the treatment for cancer healing.

• Support awareness about the disease by stimulating and implementing programs aimed at regularly informing the population about cancer in general. This is possible at schools, community centers, health fairs, symposiums, information brochures, media, social and work meetings, and so on.

• Encourage and contribute to other organizations and foundations that support in one way or the other in achieving the same goals.

• Contributing and supporting institutions in any way that also focus on research into cancer.



The foundation functions by many  volunteers.

• Started with the board consisting of 13 board members.

• The 'recreation and therapy for patients' department is led by 17 volunteers, 15 of whom are ladies and 2 who are engaged in daily activities for patients and survivors in the PWF at Scharlooweg 52.

• There are around 60 fundraisers who help with annual fundraising.

• Volunteers who help prepare food packages.

• Volunteers who help with information.

• A voluntary PR specialist.


The foundation currently has a patient base of around 1200 people. In order to maintain the continuity of daily activities, a total of 13 contracted employees work at the foundation.


Click here for the website of the Foundation Prinses Wilhelmina Fonds