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A moored ship can’t win any races

Press Release in English


What an honor it was to receive a call from the office of Prime Minister Rhuggenaath and be invited
to attend the Minister’s Council at ‘Forti’ to officially be handed the Ride For The Roses Standing
Orders from the Ministers of his Administration.

With this action, the Ride For The Roses Curaçao Foundation received another significant show of
support of the ‘STANDING ORDER 1000 Awareness Tour & Movement’. The main objective is to bring awareness to the public that a monthly financial support; in other words, twelve times a year, every year through a Standing Order, creates more possibilities for ‘Prinses Wilhelmina Fonds’ to help patients suffering from cancer.

The Standing Order of the Ride For The Roses Curaçao already existed but was not well known. Many people were not aware that you could give financial support through a Standing Order. ‘It was like a ship still moored at the dock; not very productive. A moored ship can’t win any races, so we unmoored the ship!’ Mr. Curd Evertsz declared.

Curd is walking a thousand kilometers to bring awareness to our community about the Standing Order and in his walks, he emphasizes ‘continuity’ above all. In walking and movement in general, continuity incare during illness, continuity in fighting the battle against cancer and of course, continuity in guaranteeing a continuous flow of funds to help ‘Prinses Wilhelmina Fonds’.

For more information concerning the Standing Orders please contact the Ride For The Roses Curaçao Foundation by email at: or visit the Ride For The Roses Curaçao Facebookpage to follow the developing story. You can also contact Mrs. Helena Seferina at 522.9762 or Mr. Frans Heilgers at 560.0090, email:


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