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On January 2005, in the pouring rain, 273 cyclists started a 45 kilometers cycling journey across the island. They were followed by a warm reception where they got offered a rose and a stage program. There were smiles and some tears as well: this was how The Ride for the Roses in Curaçao was born. The later Olympic champion Maarten van der Weijden had been cycling the ride. That day he told about his story, how he was a promising young Dutch open water swimmer that happened to become a leukaemia patient later. He talked about his daily fight and above all about the importance of never ever giving up. Never. In 2005 he finally turned back into a real sportsman instead of a patient, as he had always been feeling the sportsman inside him, even in his darkest days. At that moment he could not even know that in three years from then, in Beijing 2008, he would win one of The Netherlands most special golden medals.

In Curaçao we have 5000 Maarten van der Weijdens. 5000 patients who are suffering any form of cancer. 5000 people whose world collapsed when they found out the terrible news. 5000 people living in uncertainty. 5000 people who cannot give up. 5000 people who are not pitiful but ill. 5000 people who need our support terribly hard.

Since 2005, the Ride for the Roses foundation has committed itself to helping cancer patients cope with the daily struggles they have to face. Foundation Ride for the Roses Curaçao raises funds for cancer patients. The foundation focuses on the organization of sports events to raise funds under the collective name Ride for the Roses Curaçao.

We strive for two goals:

First of all we raise as much money as possible.

This money is highly needed to support the cancer patients and keep supporting cancer patients in Curaçao. The Prinses Wilhelmina Foundation receives the funds raised by the Ride for the Roses Foundation. The PWF describes on their website how the foundation uses this money and what they have already accomplished.

The second aim is creating awareness around cancer in Curaçao.

Namely creating awareness around cancer in Curacao. In many cases cancer is not the end. Early detection is of big importance in this. To heal, patients fight as hard as they can and in this fight they can use every bit of support. Patients are ill, but not to be pitied. And let us all keep in mind that cancer is not infectious!


We aim to be involved in a sporty, healthy and fun way, together with hundreds of others supporting the fight against cancer. This is your way to fight it, in memory of someone who did not survive, as support to someone who is fighting the battle right now or just because you are involved in any kind of way.

Step by Step

After the Ride for the Roses was born, many editions followed and the event kept growing to eventually become the biggest fundraising sport event of Curaçao.

Not only the numbers, but also the earnings have been growing every year since. Thanks to fundraising, every year we are able to contribute to awareness on the disease cancer, create a better life for patients.